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A multi-regional commercial real estate investment sales brokerage and advisory firm: We provide highly specialized and strategic representation for real estate investors and owners in NY & CT. From comprehensive underwriting and evaluation to multi-channel marketing, we execute on every step of the process in a successfully completed transaction.

Advisory Services

Valuing the property through asset and location specific underwriting
  • Asset Analyzation

    Identifying any operational deficiencies, uncaptured value and any potential improvement opportunities.

  • Market Analyzation

    Culminating market insights and trends, cutting-edge data and macro & micro research.

Formulating the best strategy to maximize current or future value
  • Reposition

    For highest and best use by maximizing rental and ancillary income, minimizing operational expenses, making physical alterations or capital improvements and ensuring property rules and regulations are compliant.

  • Disposition

    Asset and client orientated options including all-cash sales, seller financing and 1031 exchanges.

Marketing Services

Securing the right investor through a multipronged marketing campaign
  • Network Leveraging

    Outreach to a well-established relationship-based network comprised of property owners, local & regional investors, institutional equity funds, syndicators, developers &1031 buyers.

  • Tech Driven

    Strong social media presence, exposure on the top CRE sales platforms, analytically structured investor database and targeted email campaigns.

  • Flexibility

    Implementing the most aggressive plan for maximum property exposure or engaging the market in a quiet, more tailored and off-market fashion.

Transaction Management Services

Administering all facets of the transaction process from beginning to end
  • Managing

    Soliciting all inquiries and bids, screening and qualifying investors and reporting to ownership.

  • Optimizing

    Generating best price and terms by creating competition amongst the top buyers in the marketplace.

  • Facilitating

    Conducting property tours, gathering and distributing due diligence materials and coordinating contract preparation amongst attorneys.

Interested to know what your property is worth?

Our property analysis is used for estate planning, asset protection, repositioning and to keep our clients up to speed on current value.

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